We found our experience with the BHCOE invaluable.

We found our experience with the BHCOE invaluable. We were able to obtain useful information about our service delivery from both caregivers and staff, and the results helped us recognize our strengths as well as areas upon which we can strive to improve. The audit process was thorough and we were pleased to see data on overall program satisfaction and caregiver involvement, as well as input from staff regarding feelings of competence and support. We were especially excited to see that over 90% of caregivers felt their quality of life had improved, and 100% were happy with their child’s progress and felt they were able to actively participate int heir child’s program. We were also pleased that our employee satisfaction data was above the industry standard in all areas surveyed. This data has helped us further work on how we can improve training and employee engagement. We are proud to have earned the distinction of a Center of Excellence by the BHCOE.

— Dr. McNerney, PhD, BCBA-D
Irvine, CA

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