For several years we read everything we could and talked to as many people as we could about best practices for a clinic like ours but didn’t feel like we had objective measures of how we were doing. We knew a critical piece of this would be parent and staff feedback but weren’t sure how to get this or how to analyze it if we did. The audit from BHCOE provided an opportunity for us to gain this information and allow us to compare ourselves against other providers throughout the country. The audit process itself was easy and straightforward for ourselves as well as our staff and parents. Our biggest priority is to deliver the best quality services possible leading to the highest level of progress for our clients in a way that met families needs for caring treatment teams. Going through the audit with BHCOE has given us the information we needed to implement changes that will get us closer to our goal. It is exciting to see how BHCOE is setting a groundwork for industry standards.

Dr. Niki Thurkow, PhD, BCBA-D

Naperville, IL

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