Working with the BHCOE was incredible.

Working with the BHCOE was incredible. While we were initially anxious, the process was actually quite smooth and easy. It does require effort, but to be honest, if you do not already have the systems in place to readily pull these data, then the effort required is exponentially more valuable as you NEED these data on an on-going basis. It helped us identify and pinpoint specific metrics that we needed to put in place, to help us grow and sustain a healthy practice. Anyone can start up and get clients, but scaling a quality organization is much more rigorous and demanding. BHCOE helps with this. They get you thinking like you should be thinking, which is helpful when you’re a new or scaling practice. I appreciate the ongoing support as well. I call Sara often and she guides me through complexities that she’s worked through numerous times already. The insight that they provide will help you grow your business. The network they’ve developed will help you grow your business. The accreditation that could result, will help you grow your business. You get the point: this will help you grow your business! I have one regret. I should have started the process back in 2015 when I initially talked with Sara and the BHCOE. I’m honored that we’re a BHCOE and have nothing but great experiences in working with their staff. Well done BHCOE-y’all are ballin’ out when it comes to identifying and supporting quality providers where excellence is the minimum standard.

Rob El Fattal, M.S., BCBA
El Paso, Texas

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