The process was straight-forward and easy to navigate.

We are committed to the field of behavior analysis and are thrilled that the BHCOE has developed this much-needed program to evaluate the clinical aspects of companies that provide ABA. It is the reputation of the field as a whole that benefits. Regarding the audit specific to our company, the process was straight-forward and easy to navigate. It was thorough and we feel effectively identified many of the qualities that are critical for a company providing ABA services. It was an extremely useful process for us to organize our practices and procedures in a way that could be presented to someone else. Also, the staff and parent feedback surveys were extremely informative and gave us jumping off points for continuing to improve the way we do things. Our auditor was stellar and it was clear she knew exactly what she was looking for and how to ask the right questions. Everyone at the BHCOE was excellent to work with. We felt supported rather than audited and we are so glad we made the decision to pursue the accreditation!

San Diego, CA

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