A statement opposing actions that discourage access to ABA care for persons with autism and related developmental disabilities

June 21, 2021 – Behavioral Health Center of Excellence supports the choice of ABA therapy by people with autism, their families and caregivers, and the provision of these services by provider organizations and their staff. As an organization committed to advancing the field of ABA and the quality improvement of ABA treatment through its performance standards and accreditation, BHCOE opposes any action by any organization that takes away patient choice, denies research evidence, and discourages access to quality, evidence-based, care for autistic individuals.

ABA is the gold standard of care for autism and related developmental disabilities and aims to empower autistic people to develop the skills they need to be independent. It makes up more than half of the services being provided to the one in 54 children with autism today. It has eclipsed other forms of communication, behavior, and drug therapies as the treatment of first choice.

To all of the ABA organizations evaluated by BHCOE and to the 25,000 professionals and 42,000 people with autism they represent, BHCOE stands behind our commitment to ABA services, to you, your staff, your patients, and the countless families you serve. BHCOE will continue on its mission to improve access to quality, person-centered care for all ABA patients.

Let us all work together as a field to ensure access to quality ABA care for patients who rely on this treatment to live their best lives. 

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