BHCOE July 2021 Accreditation Announcements

Congratulations to our recent BHCOE July Accreditees! BHCOE is so proud of your commitment to setting your sights high and making every effort to achieve Accreditation. You truly are leading by example to ensure your ABA organization’s continuing reputation for excellence. You worked hard and proved to yourself and everyone what your team is capable of. From all of us at BHCOE, best wishes for your continued success.

Browse the full list of organizations that have achieved BHCOE accreditation.

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Reaccreditation:

A Balanced Child – Texas – 1-year Reaccreditation

ABA & Verbal Behavior Group – California – 3-year Reaccreditation

Attain-Speech-Language and Behavioral Services– Colorado – 2-year Reaccreditation

Augusta Levy Learning Center – West Virginia – 3-year Reaccreditation

Behavior and Education – California, Nevada, Texas – 2-year Reaccreditation

Behavioral Framework – Maryland, Virginia – 3-year Reaccreditation

Behavioral Health Therapies – Florida – 2-year Reaccreditation

Building Independence Together – South Carolina – 1-year Reaccreditation

Creating Brighter Futures – Michigan – 3-year Reaccreditation

FreshStart(s) – Florida – 3-year Reaccreditation

KGH Autism Services – Illinois, Wisconsin – 2-year Reaccreditation

Northwest Behavioral Associates – Washington – 3-year Reaccreditation

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Accreditation:

ABA Consultants – Pennsylvania – Preliminary Accreditation

Advance Kids – California – 2-year Accreditation

Beyond ABA – Wisconsin – 1-Year Accreditation

Crissey Behavioral Consulting – Washington – 1-Year Accreditation

Easterseals Central Illinois – Illinois – 3-Year Accreditation

Envision Unlimited – Illinois – Preliminary Accreditation

ERA Behavioral Solutions – California – 1-Year Accreditation

Hearts and Hands Therapy Services – Georgia – 1-Year Accreditation

North Georgia Autism Center – Georgia – 3-year Accreditation

Sunny Days Sunshine Center – New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania, Delaware – 2-Year Accreditation


*Please note the month accreditation is announced does not always reflect the organization accreditation date*

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