BHCOE’s upcoming podcast breaks down everything ABA-related to help our provider community offer high-quality behavioral health.

Why This Podcast?

Many clinicians start their own organizations to offer ABA therapy, entering a huge market that requires navigating insurance companies and managing many other issues outside of their clinical training. The Skinner Report offers providers answers to meet these challenges through its expert commentary on the latest ABA news, legislative, and industry updates. Providers will receive practical advice to help them deliver effective therapies and run smooth-sailing organizations.

Meet The Hosts

Hosting the show are Sara Gershfeld Litvak, MA, BCBA, BHCOE’s CEO, and Anna Bullard, BHCOE’s Vice President of Government Relations. Sara brings her extensive expertise in ABA operations, clinical quality, efficient & ethical growth, and ABA landscape analysis to help you take your practice to the next level. Anna offers her experienced perspective as a government affairs professional whose dedication resulted in legislation providing access to autism therapy in Georgia.

Tune In and Get Notified

Discover how to solve the most common ABA problems related to labor shortages, regulatory complications, compliance issues, and quality measurements, among others.

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