2022 WIBA Conference: BHCOE Accreditation Overview Workshop Registration Now Open!

We look forward to you joining BHCOE at 2022 Women in Behavior Analysis Conference.

Be sure to attend our event with Dr. Ellie Kazemi, Chief Science Officer, for the BHCOE Accreditation Overview Workshop. Learn what is needed to apply for accreditation within the upcoming year.

Date: Wednesday, July 27th, 2022, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Central
Location: In-Person – Renaissance Nashville Hotel, SoBro Room, 611 Commerce Street I Nashville, TN, 37203 & Virtual via BehaviorLive
Per-Person Price: BHCOE-Accredited: $50 | Non-Accredited Organizations: $75

This workshop was designed for those who are:

  •   Considering accreditation for their ABA program(s) and want to understand what is involved;
  •   Assuming the responsibility of managing an accredited program, and needing to get up to speed quickly; or
  •   Preparing for reaccreditation and want to know what’s new.

All fees will be donated to Women in Behavior Analysis

Please note: A limited number of individuals can register for this workshop. Registration will close once we reach capacity. Discounts are available for multiple staff from the same organization.
Organizations providing behavior analytic services that continue to place focus on the quality of their services need to be distinguished and recognized for their efforts. This is particularly true with the ever-increasing hourly wages, shortage of competent and qualified staff, higher costs of gas mileage and resources, and the increasing demands of insurance companies and payors! The field of behavior analysis has been under much scrutiny and it is a critical time for organizations that provide quality care to be differentiated from the masses. Everyone believes that they provide quality care; the best way to recognize quality is for our profession to embrace quality standards and third-party evaluation from a trusted, experienced, and objective source. Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE), established in 2015, is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and sets standards of excellence through a commission of practitioners, consumers, parents, scholars, and payors by following the best-practice guidelines of our profession. BHCOE has a thorough evaluation process that involves direct assessments of clinical sessions, document reviews, interviews, and surveys of all stakeholders including patients, staff, and leadership. To increase the visibility of quality service providers, BHCOE has also established formal compliance, disciplinary review, and appeal processes for matters of noncompliance.  BHCOE Accreditation has long been known as a designation of excellence and quality.  In this workshop, the BHCOE Standard development team will review how our evaluation process has strengthened over the years and offer step-by-step guidance for those preparing to undergo our accreditation process.
Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  1. List the quality standards in the following categories: a) Ethics, integrity, and professionalism, b) Diversity, equity, and inclusion, c) General requirements and liability, d) Hiring, training, and retention, e) Patient intake, f) Service delivery, g) Clinical documentation, H) Collaboration and coordination of care, I) Health, safety, & emergency preparedness, J) Media, communication, and representation, and K) Security, privacy, and compliance.
  2. Identify the barriers to providing high-quality behavior analytic services
  3. Explain best practice guidelines used to develop BHCOE accreditation standards
  4. Describe the evaluation methodology for BHCOE accreditation
  5. List the steps involved in preparing and applying for BHCOE accreditation

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