Announcing the Launch of our Sister Company: Accelerated Delegated Credentialing

LOS ANGELES — November 29, 2022 —Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is excited to announce the launch of Accelerated Delegated Credentialing (ADC). 

In furtherance of their mission which includes increasing access to quality care, BHCOE is delighted to announce ADC has received NCQA accreditation as a Credentialing Verification Organization. Ensuring both quality and speed are central to the goals of ADC and will help address the problems both patients and providers face from costly credentialing delays by private insurers and state Medicaid programs. 

ADC is designed to service providers to reduce timelines to onboard clinicians for companies that provide ABA, SLP, OT, PT, and other behavioral health services, ensuring patients have access to services.

Anna Bullard, who previously served as Vice President of Government Relations with BHCOE, is leading Accelerated Delegated Credentialing as their VP of Operations.

“We are excited to provide improved patient access with ADC,” said Bullard. “Credentialing with payors can take up to 90-180 days, delaying access to services for patients and reimbursements for health care organizations. With ADC, we can expedite the credentialing process and ensure all steps and requirements are met along the way to ensure accurate and timely credentialing.”

Anna has over fifteen years of experience working nationwide with ABA organizations and health plans. Her experience leading multi-site teams for contracting and credentialing, coupled with her extensive knowledge in the industry, has led to thousands of lives accessing care. Together, the team at ADC will help providers and payors streamline their process and reduce the time it takes to contract and credential providers with private insurers and state Medicaid programs. 

“As a recognized leader in our field, Anna will contribute her deep understanding of ABA therapy provider operations to ensure timely onboarding and access to care is at the forefront of ADC’s service offering. I am grateful for Anna’s leadership during this exciting new endeavor.” said Sara Litvak, CEO of Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. 

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Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® (BHCOE®) is an ANSI-accredited accrediting body within the autism field. Over the last seven years, BHCOE has dedicated itself to transforming care for people with autism and related developmental disabilities through a relentless focus on serving as a source for the autism community on how best to improve the quality of care, safety, well-being, and life for patients and families. To learn more about BHCOE, visit

About Accelerated Delegated Credentialing

Accelerated Delegated Credentialing provides contracting and credentialing services for ABA, SLP, OT, PT, LCSW, and other behavioral health providers of all sizes throughout the United States. We help providers streamline their process and reduce their time to becoming contracted and credentialed with private insurers and state Medicaid programs. Our goal is to reduce the time and administrative burden of credentialing your clinicians to ensure patients have access to services and timely reimbursements for ABA therapy. We are dedicated professionals that provide personalized, customized service for your organization, and all of our services are fulfilled by a team that is located within the United States. Our client satisfaction is our number one goal and communication with our clients is our top priority. ADC is founded by Anna Bullard, who has personal experience advocating for her child with autism and knows the importance of timely access to care. We’re passionate about our work and committed to improving access to high-quality care. For more information, visit

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