National Autism Data Registry launched to Understand, Measure, and Improve Autism Treatment and Outcomes

NADR is BHCOE’s latest effort undertaken to support and advance the understanding of ABA treatment for autism.

BHCOE, through its quality measurement innovations, is pleased to announce the launch of the National Autism Data Registry (NADR), an online platform that allows providers and payors to measure and benchmark quality for patients with autism spectrum disorder.

NADR is BHCOE’s latest effort undertaken to support and advance the understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment for autism. The NADR tracks and reports longitudinal benchmarks on quality of ABA treatment across process, structure, cost, and outcome measures.

Founding members of the NADR include Hopebridge, Acorn Health, Center for Social Dynamics, Proud Moments, JumpStart Autism Center, and Ascend Behavior Partners. These organizations collectively represent a national footprint of over 6,274,268 direct treatment hours served last year, 24 states, 16,000 patients, and over 1 million data points.

NADR will contribute to the efforts of creating standardized national benchmarks for outcomes by helping patients, scientists and the broader community better understand improvement in autism symptomatology over time and the ability to detect meaningful change based on evidence-based treatment such as ABA. As payors and providers collaborate to develop value-based pay arrangements, the NADR platform can provide visibility into the quality of treatment thus enabling value-based care.

NADR is built to collect process, structure, outcome, and cost measures along with social determinants of health. It currently houses 9 different quality measures in relation to ABA Services, in addition to having the capability to collect outcome measures across 13 different outcome assessment tools and 4 categories (e.g., severity of autism, norm-referenced assessment of skills, criterion-referenced assessment of skills, quality of life). 

The development of these quality measures is a culmination of years of work that would not have been possible without the contributions and collaboration from Dr. Ellie Kazemi, Dr. David Cox, Members of our Scientific Advisory Board (past and present), BHCOE’s Commission Members (past and present), and Members of our Stakeholder Groups made up of autistic individuals, parents/caregivers of autistic individuals, accredited and non-accredited ABA providers of varying sizes, and payors.

Visit the NADR website or contact us to learn more about:

  • Benefits of Participation
  • Why the registry was created
  • How the registry works
  • Measures collected and accepted

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