Allison Allgood, Appointed Vice President of Clinical Standards at Behavioral Health Center of Excellence

BHCOE Appoints Allison Allgood as Vice President of Clinical Standards

Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) is proud to announce that they have appointed Allison Allgood as the Vice President of Clinical Standards, leading accreditation initiatives. Allison brings a wealth of experience and expertise as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over twenty five years of in-home, community, and school-based behavioral services experience. We are excited to have her lead BHCOE, ensuring continued clinical excellence in our accreditation while providing invaluable BCBA expertise and clinical leadership. Her profound knowledge and unwavering commitment to the advancement of ABA made her the ideal candidate for this position. Prior to her appointment as VP of Clinical Standards, Allison served as CEO of Reach High Consulting and Therapy. She had also recently served as a BHCOE Peer Mentorship Cluster facilitator, where she contributed to the development and growth of her peers in the field. In addition, Allison’s experience as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in various school systems will be invaluable to the BHCOE school accreditation process. Her expertise and leadership in these roles have positioned her as a respected figure within the ABA community. Allison took an unusual route to clinical ABA.

“I started my journey with ABA and working with autistic children prior to the existence of BCBAs and the BACB. I began providing respite care for families, then transitioned to vocational and community support for adults (autistics, individuals with ID/DD and TBI) followed by community and school-based services, landing in clinical ABA a few years ago.” Allison Allgood

In addition to leading BHCOE Accreditation, Allison will steward adherence to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations and leading oversight committees. This responsibility underscores BHCOE’s dedication to maintaining and advancing the highest principles in clinical practices within the ABA field. Allison will be instrumental in shaping and implementing strategies to ensure the continued excellence and efficacy of BHCOE’s clinical standards.

“My first exposure of the positive impact that Allison brings to the community was through her recent role as a peer mentorship facilitator with BHCOE. Since that introduction we’ve enjoyed many conversations about the ABA landscape from a historical, present and future state perspective. Allison’s exemplary background, integrity, and commitment to the advancement of the field of ABA is an exciting step of the evolution of our organization and for our community partnerships.” Anya Perea, CEO

Allison’s appointment aligns with BHCOE’s commitment to providing quality behavioral health accreditation services and driving innovation in the ABA industry. With her proven track record and deep understanding of clinical delivery, she is poised to make significant contributions to BHCOE’s mission of fostering positive outcomes for individuals and families through evidence-based practices. 



Allison Allgood will be speaking at the Autism Investor Summit (AIS), April 1-3 2024, at the iconic Beverly Hilton. Register Through this link and use the discount code BHCOEthanks to save $100 off the price of your ticket.


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