BHCOE Unveils Exciting Rebrand Update and Is Now Jade Health

Los Angeles, California – March 28, 2024 – BHCOE is excited to announce its transformation into Jade Health. As the company continues to expand its services to enhance access to quality care in behavioral health, the rebranding is intended to capture the common values among the various service offerings of Jade.

“The name Jade is regarded as a symbol of well-being and healing, and it is valued for its transparency and clarity. When we look across our service offerings, from accreditation to national data registry to credentialing, we felt it essential to put these qualities at the forefront for ourselves and the community. Jade, the company, plays an important role in ensuring access to quality care for individuals with autism. The positive impact the company can make is much more meaningful when our actions are infused with this spirit and guided by these values at every step,” said Anya Perea, Chief Executive Officer of Jade.

BHCOE was founded in 2015 and the accreditation it provides has become recognized among the applied behavior analysis community as a marker of commitment to quality practices. Over time and in collaboration with stakeholders, the company has developed additional services to help address critical bottlenecks preventing patients and families from getting access to the quality care they need.

The company launched ADC Credentialing in 2022 to help streamline credentialing between providers and payors and reduce the barriers to accessing quality care. The newly launched National Autism Data Registry (NADR) will provide a common set of metrics to help practices measure and improve quality. Jade intends to add future services wherever it can help enhance access to quality, evidence-based, behavioral health services.

“It is essential for me, as a parent of an autistic adult, to work at an organization that prioritizes principles, values parents and continues to include the voices of autistic individuals in everything we do. I am excited to be a part of our transition to Jade Health and to support our commitment to providing resources, guidance, and support to advance quality services for behavioral health” – Anna Bullard, VP of Business Development at Jade Health

Jade Health will maintain its accreditation services under the name BHCOE Accreditation. The BHCOE Learning Hub will now be known as the Jade Health Learning Hub.

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