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The BHCOE accreditation is a symbol of commitment to quality care that is obtained after a rigorous evaluation process that applies the Standards of Excellence in ABA Therapy.

Every ABA therapy provider in our directory has been through a comprehensive evaluation of administrative and clinical practices and received one of several BHCOE Accreditation types.

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What Organizations Are Saying About BHCOE Accreditation

It is exciting to see how BHCOE is setting a groundwork for industry standards.

We knew a critical piece of this would be parent and staff feedback but weren’t sure how to get this or how to analyze it if we did. The audit from BHCOE provided an opportunity for us to gain this information and allow us to compare ourselves against other providers throughout the country. The audit process itself was easy and straightforward for ourselves as well as our staff and parents.

Dr. Niki Thurkow, PhD, BCBA-D
Naperville, IL

We have been able to raise our hourly rates for RBT services by 40%

Following BHCOE accreditation, we were able to engage in productive conversations with our payors on our clinical and business performance. As a result, we have been able to raise our hourly rates for RBT services by 40%. This has a significant positive impact on our ability to provide effective, quality services to our patients.

Maegen Pierce, MA BCBA
California, Florida, Virginia

BHCOE’s clincal leadership has been extremely helpful in providing insights…

The feedback that the BHCOE team delivered was extremely beneficial to us in improving the quality of our program, and we have experienced superior outcomes among our clients since implementing their suggestions. Becoming a BHCOE is not just about getting a new logo for your website; it’s about ensuring high quality services, receiving objective feedback from outside of your agency, and setting goals for yourself and your staff. Being part of the BHCOE community has been a wonderful experience as well. The BHCOE’s clincal leadership has been extremely helpful in providing insight into current trends in the practical application of ABA and how the field is evolving, including how to work effectively with health insurance while remaining ethical. The BHCOE also has a fantastic mentorship program, and has connected us with the owners of other BHCOE agencies. This program has broadened our network of relationships within the Autism and ABA communities, and has helped us to improve and grow our business through the sharing of ideas.

Abigail Bunt, MEd, BCBA, LBA
San Diego, CA

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