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Who we are is defined by what we do. While each member of our team has earned the important academic degrees and board certifications required, what sets us apart is our personal approach to service and our passion for what we do. While we use data extensively and employ the latest techniques in our work, we work person-to-person.

Our Team

Our clinician-led team of psychologists, board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), and highly trained behavior technicians implement proven methods of applied behavior analysis. Our ABA Services create positive and fulfilling change for families, schools and institutions.

About our approach

Our company culture is founded on the idea that change is positive action. It is personal, a choice, and an opportunity for growth and improvement. It is this foundation that gives us the ability to meet each challenge with consistency and enthusiasm.

  • We embrace change and view setbacks and adversity as important steps to success.
  • Change is a process – it involves constant learning and adapting, as well as patience.
  • We promote the dignity and respect of our clients, staff, families, and colleagues, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, religion or world views.
  • We love Applied Behavioral Analysis and it shows in everything we do.
  • We like having fun and finding ways to enjoy our important work. Paraphrased, Sir James M. Barrie may have said it best: “It isn’t really work unless you’d rather be doing something else.”
  • We seek the simplest, least intrusive, most effective solution for clients, families, and staff.
  • We believe in delivering service that goes above expectations. Our day is not done until we dazzle someone with our service.
  • We are committed to our vision, mission, and core values and providing the highest standards especially in the face of adversity.
  • BHCOE Accredited Since : 2018
  • Accredited Under Standard Set : 2020
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