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Accredited Under BHCOE's 2020 Standards

Malama Pono Autism Center has undergone rigorous evaluation in accordance with the BHCOE Standards of Excellence in ABA Therapy. It has been accredited as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence for its commitment to providing the highest quality care for autistic individuals.

We utilize research proven, evidence-based practices which insure your child receives the very best care. Through integrated multidisciplinary care Malama Pono Autism Center is able to offer access to a full suite of services for you and your family.

Clinic-Based Services
Not all children with autism are the same and not all treatment options are appropriate. Malama Pono is a clinic-based treatment facility which allows for a broad range of treatment approaches and interventions. A core symptom of autism is difficulties in social functioning and addressing these issues happens best in social settings with other children. Malama Pono has social skills groups, group outings, and small group instruction treatment interventions that allow each child to develop the ability to interact and successfully relate to other peers.

Integrated Care
Autism is a complex set of symptoms and behaviors which often require many different professionals, therapies, and approaches. Malama Pono has built a treatment team which integrates the various therapies and approaches best suited for children with autism. Several key aspects remain guiding principles in our treatment approach:

Science based and research supported interventions
Behavioral analysis as a foundational platform for other disciplines
Outcomes and data driven clinical decision making
The integrated team approach at Malama Pono is well supported as contributing to strong outcomes for children with autism. Just as important is the peace of mind for families knowing they have one healthcare provider that provides many of the services their child may need.

Our guiding principle is to treat every family we work with as our own. Raising a healthy family can be difficult and when touched by a child with special needs it’s all the more challenging. With care and true empathy we listen, support, and guide families towards the very best care for their children.

Care Coordination
One of the first questions we often get is”Now what?” We understand that finding the very best treatment for your child is important and knowing what that is can be challenging. At Malama Pono Autism Center we have Family Coordinators whose job is to meet with families, answer questions, share treatment options, and help connect families with the right care. In addition Family Coordinators help families acquire assessments and diagnostics, complete appropriate paperwork, and access funding for treatment.

Services Available
Malama Pono is proud to offer a wide range of services including ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), Speech and Language Therapies, Feeding and Occupational Support, Social Skills Interventions, Parent Support and Education, and Psychological Assessment and Intervention.

Funding Sources
Malama Pono provides a variety of services including ABA, Speech and Language, and Occupational Therapy services. We are currently contracted with all major insurance and funding sources in Hawaii including HMSA, Kaiser, Tricare, Department of Education, and manage single case agreements with other third parties.

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