Academic Program Partnerships

BHCOE is committed to improving and increasing opportunities for Applied Behavior Analysis student experiential learning by working with ABA academic programs.

BHCOE seeks out innovative partnerships with academic programs that will advance quality ABA care. We invite collaborations that will expand access and improve the quality of supervised experiential learning for applied behavior analysis students for the benefit of the entire ABA community. BHCOE brings extensive resources as the international accreditor for ABA and a network of accredited providers to create needed solutions for placing students in supervised fieldwork and training them.

  • BHCOE assists academic programs to identify and select training sites that meet quality standards.
  • We promote efforts that support supervising providers to recruit and develop trainees.
  • We work to ensure that students’ supervised fieldwork aligns with academic learning and national standards for quality.
  • In most cases, students within these academic programs will be required to do their experiential learning at BHCOE-Accredited ABA organizations.
  • ABA Providers that are BHCOE Accredited will have the opportunity to fill much-needed positions with team members training for a career path in ABA. Learn more about becoming an approved Training Site.

BHCOE standards and performance measures lay the foundation for educational partnerships. These align educators, providers, and emerging behavior analysts in shared practices that advance quality in ABA service delivery and training, resulting in a stronger workforce and patient outcomes.

BHCOE invites academic programs, ABA providers, and students to learn more about how BHCOE is supporting supervised experiential learning in applied behavior analysis.

We want our students to thrive and to be able to provide the highest quality care for patients. That requires leading-edge training based on national standards and measurements, which our students will receive at BHCOE-Accredited organizations.

Adel Najdowski

Program Director, M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Our Academic Partners

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Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology
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University of South Florida Applied Behavior Analysis programs

Click on the schools above to learn more about ABA education programs and special offers for BHCOE-Accredited providers and their team members.

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Academic Programs

BHCOE welcomes inquiries to explore and discuss how it might partner with academic programs to improve and increase experiential learning opportunities for ABA students.


Learn more about becoming an approved Training Site for our Academic Programs Partners.

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