Accreditation Types

The Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence offers different accreditation options based on various factors and what best serves each ABA organization.

Preliminary Accreditation

Preliminary Accreditation occurs for newer organizations or organizations preparing to meet full accreditation review within a year, prior to a full evaluation. This consists of a high-level review of organizational systems to identify areas for improvement prior to growth. Preliminary accreditation consists of an interview, document review and systems analysis.

Full Accreditation

Full Accreditations occur every 1- 3 years, dependent on the organization’s score. This review conducts a full review of laws and regulations, billing and organizational systems, clinical standards, reporting, client outcome, staff turnover, and patient satisfaction. The full accreditation consists of a site visit, clinical observation, interview, document review, survey of staff and patient and systems analysis.

Practica Accreditation

The BHCOE Practica Accreditation is designed for provider organizations, including universities, that provide behavior analytic training experience for individuals seeking practical experience hours for certification and licensing as behavior analysts. It is granted for one year to remain consistent with certification and licensing regulation updates and can be pursued as a stand-alone or as an add-on to BHCOE Full Accreditation. Practica includes new content areas specific to experience supervisors and trainees’ practices that are not in the 2021 BHCOE Accreditation Standards.

Telehealth Accreditation

The standards for telehealth accreditation includes guidance for areas of review for accreditation applicants. All accreditation activities involve narrative, written description, and explanation of policies and procedures, documentation, documentation of usage, and demonstration. Topics covered include Organizational Compliance, Human Resources, Patient Intake, Clinical Practice, and Technology, Privacy & Security.

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