Benefits of ABA Provider Accreditation

BHCOE Accreditation offers many benefits that help ABA Providers ensure quality, sustainability and access, while supporting business goals.

Why Get Accredited?

Accreditation is a critical part of ensuring access to and delivery of high-quality, necessary ABA services and BHCOE plays a pivotal role in validating an ABA organization’s conformance to the Standards of Excellence in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy.

BHCOE Accreditation demonstrates that a practice scales with integrity, is sustainable, offers high patient satisfaction, and is at the forefront of offering effective treatment. Accredited practices stand out to insurance companies, funding sources, and potential investors as organizations that are committed to ethical growth.

Accreditation also offers a number of value-added features and benefits that are only offered through BHCOE. Explore the many benefits of accreditation below, and schedule a call with one of our team members to learn more.

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Fast Facts About ABA Accreditation

Data shows that accredited ABA organizations have higher patient and employee satisfaction and lower staff turnover, which translates into higher-quality services and greater return on investment.

In a survey by the Public Health Accreditation Board, 98% of respondents agreed that accreditation prompted their organization to improve quality and performance.

More than 75% of respondents said that policies and procedures for their staff were improved by going through the evaluation process.*

Turnover rates at Accredited organizations are 5.1% lower for RBTs, 8.5% lower for Clinical Directors, and 12.5% lower for Supervisor/BCBAs.*

Accredited organizations score 25% higher in Recruiting & Retention and met 35% more DEI standards than Non-Accredited organizations.*

Patients and caregivers rate their experience higher with accredited organizations. 97% of parents whose children received ABA therapy from a BHCOE accredited organization reported that they felt their child made significant improvements within 6 months of treatment.*

* BHCOE Survey and Evaluation Data (see BHCOE E-Books and Reports for more info)

How BHCOE Accreditation Helps Your ABA Practice

instill patient trust

Instill Patient Trust

Accreditation provides assurance to persons seeking services that an ABA organization has demonstrated conformance to nationally accepted standards.
strengthen patient outcomes

Strengthen Patient Outcomes

Quality of care issues are at the forefront of BHCOE standards and initiatives. Accredited organizations demonstrate Service Recipient outcome and progress over time.
benchmark across a national database

Benchmark Across a National Database

BHCOE engages in regular, ongoing benchmarking, surveys, and evaluations of ABA organizations as part of our regular accreditation process. Benefit by measuring your organization against a large database of provider data.
create a pipeline for clinical talent

Create a Clinical Talent Pipeline

BHCOE has partnered with numerous ABA universities that require their students to work for BHCOE accredited organizations. Accredited organizations will gain access to this pipeline to hire talent.

prepare for vbp programs

Prepare for Value-Based Payment (VBP) Programs

Accredited organizations in-network with our VBP (value-based payment) partners will have the opportunity to participate in pay-for-reporting and pay-for-performance programs.

participate in vbp data sharing

Participate in VBP Data-Sharing

Accredited orgs who are not yet in-network with our VBP partners have the opportunity to participate in BHCOE’s data sharing and benchmarking service, which allows them to compare outcomes and quality indicators against other accredited organizations and prepares them for participation in VBP.

fulfill state and regulatory requirements

Fulfill State and Regulatory Requirements

Accreditation ensures you meet the Standards of Excellence in Applied Behavior Analysis, which may help you meet state, regulatory, and payor requirements.


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