BHCOE Accreditation Badge & Logo Usage Guidelines

The BHCOE Accreditation Badge indicates that the user is a BHCOE-Accredited organization in good standing. The BHCOE Accreditation Badge does not imply that BHCOE has directly approved the company’s materials or representation used for sales, advertising, or other promotional efforts or that BHCOE has verified the accuracy of statements made by the organization on their materials.

BHCOE’s Accreditation Badge distinguishes BHCOE-Accredited organizations from other ABA organizations and assures patients of these companies’ adherence to BHCOE Standards of Excellence. The BHCOE Accreditation Badge must be displayed on each accredited organization’s website and must be displayed at accredited office and clinical locations, visible upon entry. In addition, the organization should denote the specific states accredited on any websites and other marketing materials, if operating in more than one state. As an added benefit, the BHCOE Accreditation Badge can also be displayed on promotional materials to help connect members across the industry worldwide. 

The badge must indicate:

1) Accreditation Year (e.g., 2021 or 2022)
2) Accreditation Level (e.g., 1–3 Year Accreditation) or Type (Full, Training Site, or Telehealth)

In addition, the organization should denote the specific states accredited in any marketing materials if operating in more than one state.

The BHCOE Accreditation Badge does imply the following:

  • The user is a BHCOE Accredited organization and in good standing

The BHCOE Accreditation Badge does not imply any of the following:

  • BHCOE has approved the company’s materials or representations used for sales, advertising or other promotional efforts
  • Any statements made to customers or the general public are truthful and accurate

Unapproved Use of the Member Logo and/or Badge

In the event that these guidelines are violated, BHCOE retains the right to direct the member to cease use of the mark, and may sue to enjoin misuse by members and/or nonmembers and to recover actual and punitive damages. It is the right of BHCOE to determine whether these guidelines have been violated or whether the BHCOE Member badge has been misused. Companies who are currently engaging in unapproved use of the member badge will only be listed after attempts have been made to contact the organization regarding the misuse of the badge with an unsuccessful resolution.

The following companies are currently using the BHCOE Member Badge in an unauthorized manner and have not responded to the BHCOE Compliance Department regarding the misuse:

If your company is listed above and you would like it to be removed from the violation list, please contact the BHCOE Membership Department at [email protected] or call 310-627-2746.

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