BHCOE Disciplinary Actions

Compliance Concerns that are submitted to the BHCOE Compliance Department may be either accepted or denied. Compliance Concerns may be denied if the subject of the complaint does not hold a BHCOE accreditation or did not hold a BHCOE accreditation at the time of the incident. Compliance Concerns may be also be denied if they are unsubstantiated or do not indicate a breach in the BHCOE’s Standards of Excellence for Applied Behavior Analysis Services (Standards of Excellence), BHCOE Accreditation Bade Usage Guidelines (Guidelines), or the terms of the Engagement Letter (Terms) . A Compliance Concern may be accepted if it is (i) substantiated, (ii) pertains to a provider who is accredited by the BHCOE, and (iii) identifies a breach in the Standards of Excellence, Guidelines or Terms. Once a Compliance Concern is accepted it may be addressed by direct communication with the provider or via our Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC).

Any actions the BHCOE takes are limited to an organization’s BHCOE accreditation status. The desired result is to bring the provider into compliance with the Standards, Guidelines and/or Terms; however, in some instances accreditation may be revoked, suspended or not renewed.

Organizations for which the BHCOE has issued a revocation or suspension must not indicate that they hold a BHCOE accreditation during the time of their revocation or suspension and the organization’s information will be removed from our Accredited Member Directory. Similarly, organizations that no longer hold a BHCOE accreditation must not indicate that they are BHCOE accredited; these organizations will also be removed from our Accredited Member Directory.

Below is a list of Compliance Concerns brought to the attention of the BHCOE. The name of the Provider is only listed in instances where a revocation or suspension has been issued.

Final Actions may include a denial, direct resolution, advisory letter, audit review, suspension, or having a BHCOE accreditation revoked.

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