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Ethical Issues in Using Standardized Decision-making to Inform Professional Practice

Ethical Issues in Using Standardized Decision-making to Inform Professional Practice

January 26, 2022 @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Duration: 1 Hour

Presented by Matthew Brodhead, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Recent scholarship in applied behavior analysis has focused on the conceptual development of decision-making algorithms (DMA) to assist professionals in making practice-related decisions. A DMA is typically portrayed as a decision tree or flow-chart. By answering a series of questions, the user is guided through the DMA towards a specific answer. Though a DMA may allow for standardization of employee decision-making, the ethical issues and limitations surrounding their use requires discussion. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss outcomes from a series of empirical studies that have evaluated DMAs in order to highlight some of the ethical issues and limitations associated with their use in practice.

1 BACB Ethics CEU is offered for this webinar. CEUs are $20 for non-members and free for BHCOE-accredited organizations and members.

In order to be eligible for BACB CEUs, participants must attend the event online to ensure the participant accesses both the audio and visual portions of the presentation. Dial-in can be used to supplement the audio features of the webinar only. Participants attending the webinar by dial-in only will not be eligible for CEUs. Additionally, participants must attend the webinar for a minimum of 50 minutes in order to be eligible for 1 CEU (25 minutes for .5 CEUs).CEUs are only processed for live attendance of the event. Once purchased, no refunds will be issued. If a CE webinar is canceled due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, the registrant receives an automatic 100% refund at the time of cancellation.

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An Update on Legislative Efforts and House Bill 19 Behavior Analyst Licensure in Pennsylvania

An Update on Legislative Efforts and House Bill 19 Behavior Analyst Licensure in Pennsylvania

January 27, 2022 @ 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

Duration: 1 Hour

Presented by The ABA Initiative In PA

We invite all local ABA staff and students to join our event on House Bill 19 Behavior Analyst Licensure in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania lawmakers have filed this bill to amend the Medical Practice Act of 1985, further providing for the State Board of Medicine and providing for a behavior analyst.


  • 7:00pm EST Opening Remarks: Dr. Cheryl Tierney-Aves, President, ABA in PA Initiative, Professor of Pediatrics, Penn State Children’s Hospital
  • 7:10pm EST PA State Representative Tom Mehaffie, Sponsor, House Bill 19
  • 7:20pm EST Immediate and Long Term Benefits of Professional Licensure in Pennsylvania Kirsten Yurich, BCBA, LBA, Vice President, Pennsylvania for ABA, Adjunct Professor of ABA, Felician University and Management Consultant at the Performance Thinking Network.
  • 7:30pm EST A Tale of Cautious Optimism: Gina Green, PhD, BCBA-D – CEO, Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
  • 7:40pm EST How and Why You can Support HB19 in PA: Amanda Guld Fisher, PhD, BCBA-D, President Pennsylvania for ABA, Associate Professor, School Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • 7:50pm EST Toast and Closing Remarks: Dr. Cheryl Tierney-Aves

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BHCOE Accreditation 101

BHCOE Accreditation 101

February 8, 2022 @ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Duration: 45 Minutes

Presented by Sara Gershfeld Litvak

New data from CDC indicates that autism prevalence is higher than previously reported. CDC now says 1 in 44 kids are on the autism spectrum versus 1 in 54. The time is now to create standard practices in both care delivery and operations that lead to recurring quality and demonstrated value and build the capacity to meet the high need. Please join our BHCOE Accreditation 101 webinar on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 to learn how accreditation can help you leverage your practice resources to give more kids access to your quality services.

Learn and review the foundational elements of BHCOE Accreditation, including:

  • Clinical evaluation process
  • Standards for measurement
  • Accreditation decisions
  • Benefits
  • Pricing

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