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Spectrum Behavioral Therapies was started out of a passion to provide quality, evidence-based, individualized treatment for children and adults with autism and related disorders. At Spectrum, we make a conscientious effort to nurture a team of like-minded behavior interventionists and behavior analysts that are always putting the needs of our clients first. At Spectrum, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to the quality of services. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and their family and aim to create a treatment program that fits their needs. Spectrum creates comprehensive programs that target skills around social interaction, language, play, motor, academics, adaptive, cognition, and executive functioning. We implement Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET) to teach skills. We understand that a skill is not considered “mastered” until the child is able to generalize this skill across other people and settings. Spectrum strongly believes in taking a team approach, including the family, in creating and implementing each of the child’s individual intervention plans. At Spectrum, we also highly encourage collaboration with other professionals (SLPs, OTs, teachers, etc.) to create maximal change. We provide ABA therapy for children with autism and related disorders in Orange County.


  • BHCOE Accredited Since : 2020
  • Accredited Under Standard Set : 2020
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