Organizations applying for Full Accreditation will work with our team of professional evaluators to gauge their ability to meet the standards of a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence accredited organization. The results will fall into one of five categories. Learn more about BHCOE Accreditation results.

The First Step to BHCOE Full Accreditation

See if your organization qualifies for Full BHCOE Accreditation. Organizations with BHCOE Full Accreditation are those that meet rigorous standards of clinical quality, staff-centered and consumer-centered performance, accountability, and transparency.

Here’s what’s conducted for full accreditation:

  • Site visit
  • Clinical observation
  • Interview
  • Document review
  • Survey of staff and patient
  • Systems analysis.

Download your checklist today to see if your organization is
qualified for BHCOE Full Accreditation.

2021 BHCOE Full Accreditation Checklist

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