Beyond the Client Binder: Think Bigger About Data in ABA

Presented by Dr. David Cox


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Behavior analysts are likely familiar with methods for collecting and analyzing data for individual patients. These methods have a demonstrated history of effectively improving the efficient delivery of effective, individually tailored ABA services. However, many clinical and organizational questions that behavior analysts may want to ask require that datasets be combined across multiple patients and spanning multiple organizational processes. Conducting and analyzing these bigger datasets require thinking about data collection and storage differently than how most behavior analysts have been trained. This webinar focuses on basic data collection requirements that behavior analysts should consider if they want to ask questions of their data beyond what has traditionally been asked by ABA practitioners. By creating robust systems of data collection that support analyses at multiple levels, ABA organizations can begin to leverage big data analytic techniques and data science methodologies.

About the Presenter

Dr. David Cox

Dr. David Cox, Chief Data Officer, BHCOE

Dr. Cox has worked in behavior analysis since 2006 and with populations spanning ASD, intellectual disabilities, schizophrenia, and individuals seeking to change pro-health behavior (e.g., diet, physical activity, substance use). He has a MS in Bioethics, a PhD in Behavior Analysis, and post-doctoral training in behavioral pharmacology, behavioral economics, and data science. Dr. Cox’s work focuses broadly on behavioral data science – combining big data analytics and artificial intelligence with behavior analysis to describe, predict, and control health-related decision-making.

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