BHCOE Accreditation 101

February 8, 2022 @ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern


New data from CDC indicates that autism prevalence is higher than previously reported. CDC now says 1 in 44 kids are on the autism spectrum versus 1 in 54. The time is now to create standard practices in both care delivery and operations that lead to recurring quality and demonstrated value and build the capacity to meet the high need. Please join our BHCOE Accreditation 101 webinar on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 to learn how accreditation can help you leverage your practice resources to give more kids access to your quality services.

Learn and review the foundational elements of BHCOE Accreditation, including:

  • Clinical evaluation process
  • Standards for measurement
  • Accreditation decisions
  • Benefits
  • Pricing

Cost: FREE

About the Presenter

Sara Gershfeld Litvak

Sara Gershfeld Litvak, MA, BCBA, CEO of BHCOE

BHCOE Accreditation 101 webinars introduce attendees to important elements of the accreditation program. Led by Sara Gershfeld Litvak, MA, BCBA, Chief Executive Officer, this virtual discussion reviews foundational elements including guiding principles and mission of the organization, standards development, clinical evaluation process, accreditation decisions, benefits, pricing, and more. Whether you’re new to ABA therapy, a long-standing provider organization, or simply curious about BHCOE’s accreditation program, we invite you to take part in this introductory presentation.

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