Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your ABA Business & Consumers

Presented by Kia Sanders


Virtual Academy Webinars are only available to BHCOE Accredited Organizations and Members.

In this webinar, Kia Sanders, cybersecurity expert discusses common hazards that all businesses face while reviewing the tools, techniques, and trainings available to protect your business and constituents.

About the Presenter

Kia Sanders

Kia Sanders, Security Operations Manager, ThreatX

Kia Sanders has more than a decade of experience in the Information Technology and Information Security industry, with much of that time dedicated to securing PHI and PII. Kia has also worked as an cybersecurity instructor and curriculum advisor, and truly enjoys making the highly abstracted concepts of information security more accessible to everyone regardless of prior knowledge. When Kia isn’t working as the Manager of the Security Operations Manager at ThreatX, she can be found hiking, camping, or staying in with her 4 rabbits and learning more about infosec

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