Evidence-Based Practices for Children Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Authored by Connie Wong, Samuel L. Odom, Kara Hume, Ann W. Cox, Angel Fettig, Suzanne Kucharczyk, Matthew E. Brock, Joshua B. Plavnick, Veronica P. Fleury, and Tia R. Schultz, this document briefly reviews the current conceptualization of ASD, explains the difference between focused intervention practices and comprehensive treatment models, provide a rationale for narrowing the review to the former, describe other reports that have identified evidence-based practices, briefly describe their first review of the literature (Odom, Collet-Klingenberg, Rogers, & Hatton, 2010), and lastly provide the rationale for conducting an updated review of the literature and revision of the former set of practices identified.

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