Moving Beyond the Stigma: How Value-Based Care will Benefit Your ABA Organization


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Within the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) community, there are currently no industry wide standards or formal measures to assess the quality of care delivered to patients, cost effectiveness of treatments, or ensuring optimal patient progress. This leaves patients, caregivers, and providers with too little guidance on treatment effectiveness and resources required to deliver comprehensive care. Current fee for service payment models encourage service delivery, regardless of efficacy. Value-based payment (VBP) models instead reward quality of care over volume of services provided, resulting in more sustainable payment structures common in other healthcare industries. The goal of value-based care is to incentive quality improvement by equipping providers with the information and tools they need to target internal QI initiatives, improve the quality of care they are delivering, and optimize the outcomes of their patients. This webinar will describe the key components of value-based care, each likely to be used in future VBP models, and their benefits to providers and the ABA industry overall.

About the Presenters

Lori Geary

Lori Geary, Chief Health Outcomes Officer, BHCOE

Lori Geary is the the Chief Health Outcomes Officer at BHCOE. Lori has expertise in healthcare policy and with qualitative and quantitative research methods, and 20 years of experience conducting research, including applied transportation safety research and, for the past 13 years, quality measurement. She joined BHCOE in 2020 to oversee its Research and Development activities, including quality measure development and value-based care payment framework initiatives. Prior to joining BHCOE, Lori was Director, Quality Measurement Programs at the Yale Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation (CORE). Lori has extensive experience directing quality measure development and implementation of outcome measures in both hospital and outpatient care settings across multiple pay for reporting and pay for performance programs.

Kristine Rodriguez

Kristine Rodriguez, Director of Clinical Development and Outcomes, Autism Learning Partners

Kristine Rodriguez leads the training, research, and clinical development initiatives at ALP. She has worked in the field of ABA since 2006, with experience focusing on development of clinical staff training, research protocols, school district consultation, and caregiver coaching. She holds a master’s degree in exceptional student education from the University of West Florida and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Kristine is passionate about making evidence-based, compassion-focused practices available to underserved populations, as well as mentoring clinicians in the design of programs that foster improved independence and quality of life. Her focus at ALP has included: clinical training and competencies, outcomes research, and values-driven interventions. Recent publications include a tutorial in Behavior Analysis in Practice (Maintaining Treatment Integrity in the Face of Crisis: A Treatment Selection Model for Transitioning Direct ABA Services to Telehealth) and a model for Cultural Responsiveness Training for Behavior Analysts (in press).

Yagnesh Vadgama

Yagnesh Vadgama, BCBA, Vice President, Clinical Care Services Autism, Magellan Health

Yagnesh Vadgama has been with Magellan for over 4 years, in managed care for 5 years, and was a clinician in the field of Behavior Analysis for 11 years prior. Yagnesh has over 16 years experience in ABA, starting off by working directly with individuals on the autism spectrum to directing programs in homes, schools, and community based settings. Currently, as the Vice President of Autism for Magellan, Yagnesh oversees both the autism and ABA product for Magellan nationally. His team of BCBAs and licensed clinicians provide a unique experience in ABA UM as they all have similar experience to Yagnesh with real-world experience. Yagnesh also engages in the decision making process for ABA both at Magellan and nationally, with participation in workgroups such as ICHOM, speaking at conferences and universities, and developing outcomes measures for the field of ABA.

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