Person-Centered Care: Considerations for Measurement and Application


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Person centered care (PCC) asserts that patients are complex humans and should not be viewed solely as their diagnosis. PCC moves away from a model in which the patient is the passive target of an intervention to promoting full involvement of the patient in care and decision making. There are many benefits to PCC including improved harmony between care provider and patient on treatment plans, better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Watch this webinar to learn about implementation and measurement of PCC including a first-person narrative from Johanna Murphy as a patient with autism navigating and acquiring care.

About the Presenter

Dr. Patricia Wright

Dr. Patricia Wright, Clinical Evaluator, BHCOE

Patricia Wright’s commitment to ensuring all individuals with autism have access to effective services and supports has guided her work over the past 30 years, from her earliest responsibilities as a special educator, to state and national-level program management. Specific examples of her advocacy include the management in the design of a statewide system of support for children with autism for the state of Hawaii, several years as the National Director of Autism Services for Easter Seals, her industry positions leveraging technology and her current role at NEXT for AUTISM developing innovative program options to increase the quality of life of those living with ASD.

Johanna Murphy

Johanna Murphy, Development Associate, Evolve Coaching

Johanna Murphy has an M.F.A. in Non-Fiction writing and a B.A. in Philosophy. Her family has been gleefully engaged in the service of public skepticism since they landed at Salem in 1629. She continues this work at the University of Pittsburgh where she teaches Composition, Non-Fiction Writing and Journalism with the message that fact-checking and editorial work are both indispensable acts of public service.

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