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Staff Satisfaction

For the past seven years, BHCOE has cultivated resources to help providers improve their services and make more informed business decisions.

Throughout BHCOE’s accreditation process, we collected more than 9,000 data points per organization to identify critical indicators of staff satisfaction.

BHCOE examined key data such as experiences with their employer; workplace environment; experiences with training, benefits, and compensation; and their relationships with other staff. Once identified, BHCOE combined these sources to create a staff satisfaction index and the variables that were predictive of staff satisfaction. Download now to view the results.

The full benchmark report is available to BHCOE members* at no cost or for purchase. However, other interested organizations within the ABA field have access to data and trends presented in our detailed infographic.

* If you are not yet a member, we invite you to explore the many benefits of BHCOE Accreditation by scheduling a consultation today.



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