Resources and Checklists for the 2021 BHCOE Standards


Virtual Academy Webinars are only available to BHCOE Accredited Organizations and Members.

In this webinar, we discussed new BHCOE resources to support ABA organizations in aligning themselves with the BHCOE 2021 Standards of Excellence for Applied Behavior Analysis Services.

BHCOE team members outlined some of the feedback received from organizations undergoing accreditation and addressed questions related to BHCOE’s document review, the methodology used when creating these resources, and the rationale behind the criteria for meeting each standard.

About the Presenters

Dr. Ellie Kazemi

Dr. Ellie Kazemi, Chief Science Officer, BHCOE

Dr. Kazemi founded CSU Northridge’s Master of Science program in Applied Behavior Analysis. In addition to her lines of research, she has applied experience collaborating with the clinical community to provide high quality practical training and supervision experiences.

Her research interests and publications are focused on developing psychometrically reliable and valid measurement systems, leveraging advanced technology (robotics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence) to increase efficiency and accessibility of training, developing effective computer-based clinical training, decreasing voluntary turnover of clinical staff and supervisors, and increasing leadership’s skills including giving effective performance feedback and resolving workplace conflict.

Dr. Kazemi has received several mentorship awards including the ABAI Best Mentor Award, the Outstanding Teaching Award, the Outstanding Service Award, and the Outstanding Faculty Award (deemed the highest honored achievement). She has published articles and book chapters on a variety of topics including training, staff turnover, and the use of technology in behavior analysis. She is the leading author of a handbook written for both supervisors and supervisees titled, ‘Supervision and Practicum in Behavior Analysis: A Handbook for Supervisees.’

Laura Weil, MS, BCBA

Laura Weil, MS, BCBA, Lead of Resource Development, BHCOE

Laura Weil, BCBA, obtained her M.S. in 2018 from Pepperdine University and her BCBA in 2018. Her primary advisor was Dr. Adel Najdowski. She has four years of experience providing ABA services. Laura is currently leading our resource development at BHCOE.

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