Peer Mentorship Clusters

BHCOE Peer Mentorship Clusters

Advance your leadership in ABA at three levels — clinical, operations, and administrative — by creating mentoring networks among small groups of organizational leaders across geographic regions.

You will be placed in a mentorship cluster for 6 months. There will be an introductory meeting held with all individuals participating in the clusters. The cluster will meet monthly as organized by your facilitator. You will receive curriculum for the 6-month period. Each month, you will be provided with a cluster meeting guide. The meeting guide will provide you with suggested talking points and questions to consider. Through these monthly digital gatherings, the clusters will facilitate the frequent communication and mentoring of organization leaders on specific topics such as: benefits and staff perks, staff training, billing, rate negotiations, HIPAA compliance, ethical marketing, staff engagement, intake processing and more!

The cluster gatherings and relationships will provide participants with a forum to discuss issues on many topics that address progress and growth. All meetings are confidential and participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect participant privacy and read an anti-trust statement at the beginning of each meeting.

Thank you for your interest in Peer Mentorship Clusters. The application deadline has passed for the March – August 2024 period. For questions, please email

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