Quality Measurement Provider Panel


BHCOE is establishing a Quality Measurement Provider Panel (QMPP) and is seeking provider organizations to serve as standing members for a period of 12 months. Interested individuals may submit their application below.

BHCOE is the premier accrediting body for organizations providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services and ensuring accredited organizations provide the highest quality care possible is central to our mission. We are fierce proponents of the industry’s move to more patient-centered, value-based care which rewards the quality of care delivered rather than the volume of services provided. Within the ABA community, however, there are currently no industry standards or formal measures to assess the quality of care delivered to patients, effectiveness of treatments, or for ensuring optimal patient outcomes. This leaves patients, caregivers, and providers with too little guidance for treatment planning and decision making.

BHCOE will provide leadership to the industry through the development and implementation of quality measures into the BHCOE accreditation process, and other quality initiatives. BHCOE is establishing the QMPP to ensure the critical provider perspective is at the table during this groundbreaking work.

The QMPP will support BHCOE’s initiatives aimed at advancing patient-centered, value-based care. During its first 12-18 months, the QMPP will contribute to and provide insight on several quality domains, including:

  • Defining ABA quality
  • Quality measure development
  • Data reporting structures
  • Value-based payment models

The QMPP is seeking a diverse membership of 8-12 provider organization representatives for a period of 12 months. BHCOE accreditation is not required for participation. The QMPP will have a rolling membership, updated annually, depending on the targeted quality domains for the following year. We expect to host 4-6 QMPP during 2021. Each meeting will be between 1.5 – 2 hours. Participants will be expected to review meeting materials, provided by BHCOE, prior to each meeting.

The application deadline has passed. For questions, please email info@bhcoe.org.

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