BHCOE Strategic Benchmark Reports

Today’s most successful ABA organizations not only measure and analyze their own performance but also compare themselves to industry peers. It’s the best way to know how your company is doing and learn where you need to improve.

In the first quarter of 2021, 90 organizations participated in a benchmark report on industry turnover and received industry insights on employee turnover by role, geographic area, and corresponding trends related to individualized factors.

The Spring Q2 Benchmark Report Includes:

  • Authorized Hours
  • Scheduled Hours
  • Utilized Hours
  • Claims Filed
  • Claims Aging
  • Operating Expenses
  • and More!

Providers may opt-in below to purchase this quarter’s data request list to be used for their individualized report. Organizations may purchase one report or opt for a yearly subscription which will include four reports.

Benchmark Report Pricing:

    • 1 Quarter:
      • $1,095 – BHCOE Accredited Organizations
      • $1,495 – Non-Accredited Organizations
    • 4 Quarters:
      • $4,000 – BHCOE Accredited Organizations
      • $5,500 – Non-Accredited Organizations

Figure 1: Sample Dataset, Q1 2021 Report

Figure 2: Sample Analytics and Variables, Q1 2021 Report

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