2022 ABA Compensation & Turnover Report

Your guide to the latest wage, hiring, and retention trends in the ABA field.

BHCOE’s 2022 Compensation & Turnover Report is a critical resource that presents national and state data on hourly wages and salaries for direct and supervisory staff. It also includes turnover trends for direct, supervisory staff, and clinical directors.

New Report Metric: Staff Tenure

We also include data around a new metric — staff tenure — to highlight an alternative way to consider employment for roles where employees are expected to leave the position at some point during their career (e.g., behavior technicians).

What’s Included in the Full Report

Compensation and staff turnover are two major pain points for every provider. Although they are not always strongly related, both have a tremendous impact on the financial health and sustainability of ABA organizations. The purpose of this report is to describe industry trends in hourly pay rate, annual salaries, and annualized turnover percentage for ABA organizations who completed the BHCOE evaluation process.

Cost of Living

Distribution of Hourly Rates

State-by-State Average Hourly Rates by Cost-of-Living Group for Direct Care Staff

Direct-Staff Turnover Percentages

Distribution of Salaries

Direct Staff Hourly Rates by Employment Status

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The full report is available for purchase for non-members and free for BHCOE members. However, other interested organizations within the ABA field have access to national data and trends presented in our detailed infographic. Want to learn more about the benefits of BHCOE Accreditation? Schedule a consultation.

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