Denise Rockwell



Dr. Denise Rockwell is a licensed developmental psychologist and board certified behavior analyst at the doctoral level. She received her doctoral degree in Applied Developmental Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, where her research and clinical interests centered around early diagnosis and intervention, social skills training using portable technology, developmental assessment, language acquisition, and parent training for children with autism spectrum disorders. Her current clinical practice involves providing psychological and psycho-educational test batteries to assess cognitive, academic, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning of children ages 2 through 18 years. She also is a core faculty member in the Clinical PsyD program at Alliant International University in Los Angeles. In addition, Dr. Rockwell is very active in providing community outreach services and trainings to school staff and parents for the purpose of teaching caregivers of children how to bring about positive change in their child’s behavior and skills.

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