Diana Davis-Wilson


Dr. Diana Davis Wilson

Dr. Diana Davis-Wilson, DBH, LBA, BCBA is a licensed behavior analyst and the Chief Executive Advisor for Aspen Behavioral Consulting services. She has several years of experience providing consultation and training to families, school districts, and organizational personnel nationwide. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science, a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and a Doctorate of Behavior Health with an emphasis on integrated healthcare management. For over 10 years Dr. Davis-Wilson served as the clinical director of an Arizona-based autism provider organization, overseeing applied behavior analysis programs for hundreds of children statewide. Through this work, Dr. Davis-Wilson created an extensive curriculum-based supervision program which included sustainable employment opportunities, staff training and professional development for hundreds of aspiring professionals and students. In addition to the experiences she gained as a clinical director, Dr. Davis-Wilson currently serves on several boards in Arizona, including the Association for Behavior Analysis (AzABA), the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Autism Advisory Council, the Glendale Community College Behavior Health Sciences Occupational Advisory Board (BHS-OAB) and as a governor-appointed board member with the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners. In addition to her local experiences, Dr. Diana Davis-Wilson serves as an adjunct faculty member for universities nationwide and serves as an advisory board member of the Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence (BHCOE). Dr. Davis-Wilson has a passion for working closely with other professional organizations, providing education, advocacy and public policy guidance on early access to care, best practice, and evidence-based treatment. Additionally, Dr. Davis-Wilson has a passion for providing law enforcement training in the areas of autism, developmental disabilities, crisis response and behavior analysis.

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