Kim D. Kaiser


Kim D. Kaiser is the Bio Parent and Foster Parent of two sons both on the Autism Spectrum. She is a visual artist, writer, parent trainer, and advocate with 36 years experience working in child welfare, disability, recovery, and behavioral Health systems in addition to legislative and community based advocacy. Kim currently serves as the Director of Programming at The Color of Autism Foundation and is the Regional Parent Advisor for Community and Systems Engagement for Families Together in New York State. For the last 15 years, Kim has engaged systems, communities, and families to empower, raise awareness, build skills and create efficacy within Black/Brown communities impacted by Autism and all associated intersectionalities including poverty, trauma, child welfare and mental health. Kim is passionate about advocating for cultural adaptations to therapeutic modalities such as ABA, BiPOC-focused autism research, and community engagement. Kim was awarded 2019 New York State Advocate of the Year for Families Together, Inc. and received a commendation from the Bronx – Borough of New York Family Court for her advocacy on behalf of families. She is a member of the BHCOE Person & Family Workgroup.

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