Mari-Luci Cerda



Mari-Luci Cerda is an Indigenous-Mestiza woman, wife, mom of 3, Autist, and trauma-informed behavior analyst who consults and provide professional development coaching on various neurodiversity affirming areas of need. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation at Texas Tech University and plans to defend in the fall. Mari is also the co-founder of The LEAP (Lighthouse for Equitable Access and Practices) Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to increase equitable access for marginalized groups entering the field of applied behavior analysis through supervision and testing scholarships. LEAP is also working to shift the culture around the supervision relationship in the field of ABA. When she is not working on one of many projects, Mari enjoys retreating into her home with her family and spending time in her gardens to recharge. Mari is a member of the BHCOE Person & Family Workgroup. Follow her on Instagram: @the.bilingual.bcba.

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