BHCOE helped myself and my team grow in so many more ways

The increase in company confidence and patient advocacy as a result of completing the peer-reviewed process.

I just want to say thank you so much for everything! The ongoing support with the mentor meetings is great and I’m really excited about the projects and research that BHCOE has been sending out lately!

BHCOE helped myself and my team grow in so many more ways and I can not say how appreciative I am of this organization. Accreditation helped me gain confidence in myself and my company. We have increased our utilization of client hours tremendously across the board. Our Telehealth Accreditation helped me with IT knowledge to set up more enhanced security on our devices and set up a google platform. The marketing strategies helped me reach hundreds of new people with posts. I have better advocated for the needs of our clients which in turn has helped me get more involved with our state chapter and we just had a charter meeting this week to start a local chapter in our county. It has improved my interview techniques and I am obtaining more new hires than I was previously. Accreditation was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my professional career to date.

Amanda Lang

BCBA, Behavioral Independence

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