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Conflict Resolution for Bias Incidents

Conflict Resolution for Bias Incidents

August 10, 2022 @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Presented by May Beaubrun, BCBA, Executive Director of Diversity & Training Brett DiNovi & Associates

According to the Deloitte’s 2019 State of Inclusion Survey, 64% of workers surveyed “felt they had experienced bias in their workplace during the last year, and of those, 61% felt they experienced bias in the workplace at least once a month.” Implicit bias is a form of bias that occurs automatically and unintentionally, and nevertheless affects judgments, decisions, and behaviors. Behavior analysts define implicit bias as “behavior that is influenced in an implicit manner by cues that function as an indicator of the social group to which others belong.” Common biases include skin color, gender, and age, but other biases may include marital and parental status, height and weight, foreign accents, etc. Although implicit bias may be unintentional, it can also be dysfunctional and harmful, especially within marginalized communities. Through education, individuals can become more aware that their unconscious bias exists and take steps to reduce the likelihood that bias will impact their decisions. This webinar with review behavior analytic methodologies (i.e., Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy) to provide training to effectively interrupt implicit bias. During the webinar, specific examples for interrupting implicit bias will be provided when working with clients, training supervisees, and related service providers.

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BHCOE Accreditation 101

BHCOE Accreditation 101

September 14, 2022 @ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Presented by Sara Gershfeld Litvak

Looking to improve quality care and grow your practice? Join our upcoming Accreditation 101 webinar to understand how to create an organization blueprint that adheres to your management style and cultural values.

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Widening our Behavior Analytic Lens to Improve Outcomes for Educational Professionals

Widening our Behavior Analytic Lens to Improve Outcomes for Educational Professionals

September 28, 2022 @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Presented by Robert Pennington, PhD, BCBA-D

In this session, Dr. Pennington will shine a behavior analytic lens on some of the complexities of supporting educational professionals in public school settings. He will offer guidance on the role of the behavioral practitioners in schools and several strategies for navigating barriers in doing behavior analytic work alongside and with professionals from other disciplines. Further, he will describe several strategies for facilitating teacher behavior change. He will use humor and personal anecdotes from his 30 years of working in schools to help behavioral practitioners find joy and success in learning and serving in schools.

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Join BHCOE at ABAI’s 11th International Conference

Join BHCOE at ABAI’s 11th International Conference

When - September 1–3, 2022

Location - The Convention Centre Dublin, Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1, D01 T1W6, Ireland

BHCOE is proud to present two upcoming presentations at ABAI's 11th International Conference. Learn More and Join Us!

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