BHCOE Announces New Mission and Vision

The continuous growth of the ABA community coupled with the ever-increasing need for quality ABA therapy services has energized BHCOE in its efforts to support the field through our development and measurement of much needed consensus-driven standards. As you will see in our soon-to-be-released 2020 Annual Report, much progress is being made by BHCOE to advance the field. We are proud and humbled to contribute to this important industry as we grow and evolve as an organization making an impact.

To that end, we’ve welcomed recent additions to our leadership team with whom we’ve worked to define a new Mission and Vision for BHCOE.  We are excited to share this below:

Our Mission is to transform person-centered behavioral health by advancing measurement science, establishing performance-based standards, increasing access to quality care, and leading community collaboration.

Our Vision is a world where everyone has equal opportunity to access excellent person-centered behavioral healthcare.


As we continue together navigating the many changes in our field, you’ll see our mission and vision reflected in BHCOE’s efforts. Our Core Values below will also continue to guide us in our work:

Radically Transparent Process: We maintain an open dialogue about all accreditation activities. We welcome the opportunity to provide clarity about any of our standards and encourage discussion and feedback.

Ethical Practice: We maintain integrity through accountability. We stringently protect the confidentiality of all private information provided to us. We value and honor the trust of our clients, their patients, and staff.

Collaborative Problem-Solving: We continually refine our standards by staying up-to-date with the most current evidence-based practices. We engage and encourage all stakeholders to participate in the improvement and innovation of our field.

Balanced Representation: Our leadership is comprised of a wide range of stakeholders representing diverse voices and points of view. We strive to remain objective and unbiased by working to establish consensus within our community and our field.

Together, these statements represent all that we aim to achieve in partnership with the many stakeholders and organizations who push our field forward and stand for quality in the delivery of ABA therapy services.

We welcome your comments and questions on our new mission, vision, upcoming initiatives which you can send to me directly.

Thank you for all that you do to serve the ABA community, and for your ongoing support and partnership.

Sara Gershfeld Litvak, MA, BCBA
Chief Executive Officer

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