Why We Launched BHCOE Quarterly Strategic Benchmark Reports (QSBR)

We created BHCOE on the belief that when you measure the right things, patient care improves, you provide greater value to those you serve, and you deliver higher satisfaction for your team. This belief is at the very heart of BHCOE’s success: Provide meaningful data to help you and your team deliver the best care possible.

We’ve spent more than five years investing in educational content and resources. These resources include webinars, workshops, peer mentorship support, preferred partners, and rate negotiation assistance. Our intent with each effort is to help you build a successful, quality, and patient-centered ABA organization. Our suite of events, resources, and learning opportunities are provided for free to accredited organizations and their employees.

Today BHCOE represents nearly 25,000 clinical staff and 50,000 patients. Our accredited organizations use BHCOE’s clinical evaluation program to scale their companies ethically and effectively; and, our ambition to support organizations using behavior science and data science have only strengthened.

QSBR – Using Data to Advance Organizational Performance

To further support the ability for ABA organizations to analyze their performance, we’ve launched BHCOE’s new, customized quarterly Strategic Benchmark Reports. The focus of the reports will change each quarter and reflect the topics noted by you as high priority. Each report provides an in-depth and focused analysis on the key components of your organization’s performance. Specifically, participating organizations will have the opportunity to gain insight into what drives topics such as employee turnover, fiscal health, and patient outcomes; and, most importantly, how their company compares to other organizations on those characteristics. These quarterly reports go above and beyond the depth of the accreditation reports and serve as a mechanism to benchmark your business nationally on a wide range of business and clinical topics.

BHCOE is offering this service to both accredited and non-accredited providers. Ultimately, our mission is to improve the quality of care and services provided to all individuals receiving ABA, irrespective of accreditation status. Plus, including all ABA providers yields a more representative sample from which to derive meaningful, industry wide benchmarks. However, because BHCOE collects a rich set of data during the accreditation process, QSBRs distributed to accredited providers will include supplemental correlations or other predictive analytics related to the additional information we already have for accredited providers.

Together, these de-identified datasets will cover the scope and characteristics in need of mastery that every company needs to provide the best care possible. The inaugural QSBR, coming out this summer, will cover:

  • Authorized Hours
  • Scheduled Hours
  • Utilized Hours
  • Claims Filed
  • Operating Expenses
  • And more!

Why Benchmark?

There’s no doubt that ABA therapy will continue to grow given its popularity and recognition as the gold standard of treatment for people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities. Scaling quality care systems and processes alongside the growth of the ABA industry is critical for maintaining and improving the quality of services that patients’ receive. The need for governance to guide the industry forward has never been greater.

More and more healthcare companies are using data to guide their quality initiatives. In fact, more than 70% executives said that in order to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, benchmarks are important or extremely important. Additionally, 22 percent indicated that an organization’s performance against benchmarks is the most influential factor for determining which improvement initiatives to launch, after regulatory/reporting requirements (25 percent), and improvement team priorities (24 percent).

But, one common challenge for ABA providers is how to interpret their data to compare themselves against other organizations. Benchmarks can help them unlock this solution and provide them with the inspiration and guidance to improve.

BHCOE’s QSBRs leverage best-in-class analytics to help organizations interpret their results and how they compare to their peers, and inform their strategic decisions. Additionally, these reports will encourage  ABA organizations to come together to develop industry-wide definitions of quality, standards of care, best practices, and clinical guidelines for the delivery of ABA care across field-wide datasets which can help unlock organizations’ next phase of growth and improve their patient-centered care.

What’s Next

BHCOE continues to be the premier organization leading the creation and adoption of performance-based standards for providers of ABA therapy. Predictive data and benchmarks provide important metrics for reducing variability in patient care and accelerating the delivery of true value-driven care in the ABA field. To do our part, BHCOE will use these Benchmark Report opportunities to provide the ABA industry with business and clinical performance metrics toward its mission of improving the breadth, quality, and utility of available data.

We want to make sure our community has the latest information that matters to them and help them to understand what those trends mean for our field, the patients we serve, and their businesses.

With the joining of our Chief Data Officer, Dr. David Cox  in October 2020, and by launching our new accreditation platform, we continue working to ensure our community receives the most relevant information from BHCOE’s team, and the families and patients who inspire them.

Learn more about BHCOE’s Benchmark Reports Here.

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