BHCOE August 2021 Accreditation Announcements

Congratulations to our recent BHCOE August Accreditees! BHCOE is pleased to share the following organization’s conscientious work and responsible attitude to achieve this outstanding recognition. Your participation helps make continuous improvement possible. This translates to better outcomes for our ABA community. From all of us at BHCOE, we send heartfelt wishes to all.

Browse the full list of organizations that have achieved BHCOE accreditation.

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Reaccreditation:

Above and Beyond Learning Group – New Jersey – 3-year Reaccreditation

Autism Behavioral Center – Massachusetts – 1-year Reaccreditation

ChildFirst Behavior Therapy – Illinois – 2-year Reaccreditation

JumpStart Autism Center – Colorado, New Mexico – 3-year Reaccreditation

Kuhn Behavioral Consulting Services – Hawaii – 3-year Reaccreditation

North Arrow ABA – Michigan – 3-year Reaccreditation

Proud Moments ABA – New York – 2-Year Reaccreditation and Telehealth Accreditation

Success on the Spectrum – Texas, Georgia, New Jersey – 2-year Reaccreditation

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Accreditation:

AIM Clinics – Nationwide – 2-year Accreditation

Behavioral Learning – Illinois – Preliminary Accreditation

Evaluating Circumstances Creating Outcomes – Maine – 1-year Accreditation

Foothill Child Development Services, Inc. – California – 1-year Accreditation

Kaleidoscope Interventions – Florida – 3-year Accreditation

Modern Behavior Consulting – Illinois – Preliminary Accreditation

Passport Autism – Colorado – Preliminary Accreditation

Stepping Stones Center – Saudi Arabia – 2-year Accreditation

Sykes Early Intervention Services – Georgia – 1-year Accreditation

The Behavior Project – Kansas – 2-year Accreditation

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Telehealth Accreditation:

Advanced Autism Center for Treatment – Arizona – Telehealth Accreditation

Answers Now – Virginia – Telehealth Accreditation


*Please note the month accreditation is announced does not always reflect the organization accreditation date*

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