BHCOE has been working with providers and families on an increase in rates for ABA therapy for the Texas Medicaid benefit. Last week Medicaid released an update with an increase in the RBT rate from $30.00 an hour to $45.00 an hour. While we understand this may not be the increase that everyone had hoped for, we hope that this will allow many of our accredited providers to begin the process to become a provider. We will continue to collaborate with HHSC, our accredited providers and families in Texas to ensure there is an adequate network for children with autism.

97153 à $45/hr (from $30.32) (tech rate)
97154 à $7.52/hr (from $5.04) (tech led group)


HB412 which creates a license for BCBA’s in Georgia was assigned to the Governor’s Office of Occupational Review Council. During this meeting a group recommended that RBT’s be added to the licensure. Currently Ava’s Law, Self-funded plans nor Medicaid require a license, only the BCBA certification and RBT certification. BHCOE met with the bill sponsor Representative Katie Dempsey on November 3, 2021, to express our strong opposition to including RBT’s and any legislation that would ultimately create barriers to an already strained employment market. If you would like to express your concerns, you can direct them to Representative Dempsey’s office at katie.dempsey@house.ga.gov. We will continue to collaborate on behalf of families and our accredited providers and update everyone on HB412.

North Carolina

Many of you have expressed concerns with the lack of movement with the state of North Carolina creating the board for the BCBA license and acting on the implementation of the BCBA licensure law. BHCOE is working to engage with the state to ensure we have the most up to date information and assist in creating a solution for providers who are waiting to be able to serve more individuals with autism within the state. If you have any information or would like us to participate in any activities, please contact policy@bhcoe.org.


The US Department of Health and Human Services issued a memo that included information that as of October 18, 2021, the state of emergency would be extended. This is important to assist in the continued coverage of Telehealth services for ABA therapy in many states. If you are having issues with Telehealth services for your clients, please provide BHCOE with this information so that we can assist. Visit the Public Health Emergency Declarations website to learn more.

As always, we are continuing to advocate on a state and federal level to assist our accredited providers to receive the recognition and reimbursement for their outstanding work as a quality provider. Please let us know of issues within your state that we can assist you with in the future.

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