BHCOE March & April 2022 Accreditation Announcements

Congratulations to our recent BHCOE March & April Accreditees on earning Accreditation. The following organizations join BHCOE’s community of top-performing ABA service providers who demonstrate their commitment to quality. BHCOE Accreditation recognizes behavioral health organizations that excel in clinical quality, staff qualifications, and consumer satisfaction and promote systems that enhance these areas. We’re excited to recognize this achievement!

Browse the full list of organizations that have achieved BHCOE accreditation.

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Reaccreditation:

Advanced Autism Center for Treatment – Arizona – 3-year Reaccreditation 

Arion Care Solutions – Arizona – 3-year Reaccreditation 

Autism Systems – Michigan – 3-year Reaccreditation

Axis ABA Therapy and Support Services – Iowa 3-year Reaccreditation 

Behavior Modification Solutions ABA – Florida – 1-year Reaccreditation 

Behavioral Independence – Florida – 2-year Reaccreditation + Telehealth Accreditation 

Behavioral Learning Systems – Florida – 1-year Reaccreditation 

Blue Balloon ABA – Maryland – 3-year Reaccreditation 

Caprock Behavioral Solutions – Texas – 1-year Reaccreditation 

Centria Healthcare – Nationwide – 2-year Reaccreditation

Denali CRT – Florida – 2-year Reaccreditation

Empower Behavioral Health – Texas – 3-year Reaccreditation 

Key Connections ABA Services – Massachusetts – 2-year Reaccreditation 

L.E.A.P.S. and Beyond, Inc. – Washington – 1-year Reaccreditation 

Mastermind Behavior Services – New Jersey – 1-year Reaccreditation 

Mau Loa Learning – Hawaii – 2-year Reaccreditation 

Mitchell’s Place – Alabama – 2-year Reaccreditation 

Risen Consultants – Florida – 1-year Reaccreditation 

Simplified Behavioral Health, LLC – Alabama – 1-year Reaccreditation 

SpringHealth Behavioral Health and Integrated Care – Nationwide – 3-year Reaccreditation 

Tanner Autism Services of Colorado – Colorado – 3-year Reaccreditation 

The Autism Therapy Group – Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin – 3-year Reaccreditation 

The Behavior Exchange – Texas – 3-year Reaccreditation 

The following organizations invested significant time and effort to attain Accreditation:

ABA Logic – Massachusetts – Preliminary Accreditation

ABA S.T.E.P.S., LLC – New Jersey – Preliminary Accreditation

ABA4U – New Jersey – 1-year Accreditation

About Behavior Consulting, Inc – California – 1-year Accreditation

Achieve Together Behavior Services – Ohio – 3-year Accreditation

Advance ABA Care – Michigan – Preliminary Accreditation

Arizona Autism United – Arizona – Telehealth Accreditation

Autism Specialty Group – Florida – 2-year Accreditation 

B Squared Behavior Analysis – Kentucky – Preliminary Accreditation

Behavior Texas, LLC – Texas – Preliminary Accreditation

Brilliant Minds – Indiana – Preliminary Accreditation

Connect Plus Therapy – New Jersey – 3-year Accreditation

Dana Special Education – Bahrain – Preliminary Accreditation

Dragonfly ABA – New York – Preliminary Accreditation

Dream Big Children’s Center – California – 3-year Accreditation

Evolving Minds Together – Florida – 1-year Accreditation

Key Steps ABA Therapy, LLC – Michigan – Preliminary Accreditation

Lifelong Behavioral Services, LLC – Florida – 1-year Accreditation

Mass Pediatric ABA – Massachusetts – Preliminary Accreditation

Minds In Motion ABA Therapy Center – Florida – 3-year Accreditation 

Penny & Sparrow – Texas – Preliminary Accreditation

Sprout, MBC – New Hampshire – Preliminary Accreditation

Strategic Therapy Autism Services – New Jersey – Preliminary Accreditation

Swann Clinic for Behavioral Health – Colorado – 1-year Accreditation

Zephyr Behavioral Healthcare – Massachusetts – Preliminary Accreditation



*Please note the month accreditation is announced does not always reflect the organization accreditation date*

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