BHCOE July and August 2022 Accreditation Announcements

Congratulations to our recent BHCOE accreditees on earning accreditation. Accreditation standards focus on state-of-the-art performance improvement strategies that help ABA organizations continuously improve. We would like to take a moment to wish a heartfelt congratulations on these organizations’ efforts to provide the highest quality ABA services.

Browse the full list of organizations that have achieved BHCOE Accreditation.

The following organizations demonstrated that they meet the Standards of Excellence in ABA to become BHCOE-Accredited:

ABA Success – Georgia – Preliminary Accreditation

AMA Behavioral Consulting, LLC – Florida – Training Site Accreditation

Ascend Behavior Partners – Arizona, Colorado, Texas – Telehealth Accreditation

Aspire ABA Services – Illinois – Preliminary Accreditation

Athena Behavioral Treatment Center – Virginia – Preliminary Accreditation

Auspice ABA Services – Louisiana – Preliminary Accreditation

Autism Behavioral Institute – District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina – 2-Year Accreditation

Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 3-Year Accreditation

Chitter Chatter P.C. – Michigan – 1-Year Accreditation

Compass Behavioral & Developmental Consultants – Georgia, South Carolina – 1-Year Accreditation

Conduct Curb – Indiana – 1-Year Accreditation

Cornerstone Behavioral Analysis – Florida – Preliminary Accreditation

Cortica Advanced Neurological Therapies For Autism – California, Illinois, Texas – 2-Year Accreditation

Creating Connections Therapy – Kansas – 1-Year Accreditation

E Behavior Solutions, LLC – Indiana – Preliminary Accreditation

Enrichment Intervention Family Center –  California – Preliminary Accreditation

Family First – California – Preliminary Accreditation

Journey Autism and Behavioral Care Centers – Massachusetts – 3-Year Accreditation

Pierpointe Behavior Analysts of Connecticut – Connecticut – Preliminary Accreditation

Sanaigra Developmental, LLC – Illinois – Preliminary Accreditation

SOAR Behavior Services – Idaho, Nevada, Washington – 1-Year Accreditation & Telehealth Accreditation

Solving Autism – North Carolina – 1-Year Accreditation

The Collaborative Behavior Group – Florida – 2-Year Accreditation

The Guidance Center of Lea County, Inc. – New Mexico – 2-Year Accreditation

The Hope Source – Indiana – 2-Year Accreditation

The Kelberman Center – New York – 1-Year Accreditation

The following organizations demonstrated that they meet the Standards of Excellence in ABA to attain Reaccreditation:

ABA Solutions – Florida – 2-Year Reaccreditation

ABLE Home Health Care – Connecticut, Massachusetts – 3-Year Reaccreditation

ASD Life ABA Therapy – Illinois – 1-Year Reaccreditation

Autism Home Support Services – Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio – 1-Year Reaccreditation

Behavior Interventions, Inc. – Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania – 2-Year Reaccreditation

Behavior Network – Texas – 2-Year Reaccreditation

Behavioral Progression, Inc. – Florida, Tennessee – 3-Year Reaccreditation

Collaborative ABA Services, LLC – Connecticut – 3-Year Reaccreditation

Explorer Development Center – California – 3-Year Reaccreditation

Hearts and Hands Therapy Services LLC – Georgia, Massachusetts – 2-Year Reaccreditation

Kaufman Children’s Center – Michigan – 2-Year Reaccreditation

Learning Beyond the Spectrum – California – 1-Year Reaccreditation

Peak Behavioral Services – Idaho, Wyoming – 1-Year Reaccreditation

The Learning Spot Consulting Services – Texas – 3-Year Reaccreditation

The Next Step Academy – Texas – 2-Year Reaccreditation

*Please note the month accreditation is announced does not always reflect the organization’s accreditation date*



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