NEW focused ABA Assessment Workshop Bundles

We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW focused ABA Assessment Workshop Bundles!aba assessment bundles 020723 flyer

Why enroll? The PDDBI, Vineland-3, and SRS-2 are the most popular assessments used by behavior analysts. Still, most have not been formally trained in the administration, scoring, and reporting of these assessment tools. As we move toward value-based programs, the accuracy of the results of these assessments will become vital!

What’s different about these workshops? No other training, we have seen matches the value of these workshops!

  1. Behavior analysts have designed each workshop to include relevant information for behavioral assessment and treatment planning.
  2. The original authors of the assessment tools present on administration and scoring, which helps clinicians understand the reasons behind the assessment make-up and the function of each assessment domain.
  3. Well-experienced behavior analysts who use the tools do a behavior analysis of the tool and present practical tips for using the results for behavior treatment planning and reporting

Each of these bundles not only provides training in administering and scoring the tool accurately and incorporating the results into your treatment plans but also access to our workshops on social validity and culturally responsive assessment practices.

Bundle and save today!

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