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Encouraging Parental Involvement and Boosting the Success of Your ABA Program

It is no secret that parental involvement plays a pivotal role in a child’s success in ABA therapy and other intervention programs. However, it can be challenging to involve parents in programming.

How can ABA providers instill a deep desire within parents to stay involved when they are faced with so many stresses and challenges that often get in the way? And how can providers empower parents to be active participants in their child’s therapy so that everyone sees more progress?

BHCOE has put together resources for ABA providers to help equip parents/guardians and promote ongoing involvement in the life and success of their child.

The full white paper and Six Tips for Parent/Guardian Guidance and Empowerment flyer are available to BHCOE members; however, other interested organizations within the ABA field have access to our parental involvement flyer.


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