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BHCOE Strategic Benchmark Report and Flyer: Parent & Guardian Satisfaction

For the past six years, BHCOE has cultivated resources to help providers improve their services and make more informed business decisions.

Beginning in 2021, BHCOE also began to explore how they might leverage the large and growing dataset that accompanies the accreditation process. In this fourth installment, we take a deeper dive into six questions related to parent and guardian satisfaction.

The Spring Q1 Benchmark Report Includes:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Amount of Progress Made Since Starting ABA
  • Collaboration with Other Professionals
  • Improvement in Quality of Life
  • Satisfaction with ABA as an Intervention
  • Analysis of Open-Text Feedback

Benchmark Report Pricing:

  • $1,495 – Non-Accredited Organizations
  • Free – Members of BHCOE Accredited Organizations* and select parents/guardians**.

* If you are not yet a member, we invite you to explore the many benefits of BHCOE Accreditation by scheduling a consultation today.

** Parents/guardians, check your provider’s BHCOE Accreditation status or ask your provider about sharing the report with you. For questions, please email us at info@bhcoe.org.


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